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Due to the current COVID-19 situation black milk coffee are open once a month for live music, tacos, beer and other assorted drinks. See our facebook page for updates!

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mysore nuggets extra bold

about the grower: The Ratnagiri Estate (translates to Pearl Mountain) is located in the Baba Budan Mountain Range, has a global reputation for producing some of India’s finest washed Arabica. Established in 1923, the estate has been handed down over three generations. According to legend the Indian Muslim saint, Baba Budan, smuggled seven green coffee beans from Yemen to India at great personal risk. He planted the seeds in the Chandragiri Hills, now known as Bababudangiri, an area close to Ratnagiri Estate.

about the coffee: Spicy warm malt aroma, with sweet clove notes smooth round syrupy body followed by a black tea and tannic finish.

The coffee is intercropped with black pepper and cardamom groves amongst many other native plants and trees providing shade for the coffee and conserving the natural environment.


Ever wanted to see coffee being roasted? Come in to black milk coffee roasters on Wednesdays and have a chat, check it out and maybe take home a bag of fresh roasted beans! 


Ever wanted to see coffee being roasted? Come in to black milk coffee roasters on Wednesdays and have a chat, check it out and maybe take home a bag of fresh roasted beans! 

our blends

Our house blend. A coffee created for all-day drinkability. Reminds you of a bright, crisp, refreshing day in early spring. Characteristics: sweet crema and bright, smooth body and mouthfeel. Rich finish lingering into a citrus fruit, clean aftertaste. City roasted. 

Created to transport your sense to sunrise at the beach overlooking a smooth sea with a light breeze on the water. Characteristics: light, bright toasted hazelnut, malt, cinnamon notes with a subtle spice finish and a clean, brief aftertaste. Perfect lazy day coffee. Medium roasted. 

Completely developed to excite the coffee connoisseur in each of us. 

Characteristics: voluptuous crema, bitter cocoa notes balanced by roasted nut, deep earth and juicy citrus notes. Velvety mouthfeel and bold finish evolving into a toasted nut/ bitter berry aftertaste.

Full-city roasted. 

Profiled to envelop your senses and transport your imagination to a sidewalk cafe in Paris. 

Characteristics: intense, fine crema driven by rich bitter cocoa notes, big earthy body and a strong aftertaste.  French roasted, this remains our darkest secret blend. 


about us

the café

weekdays 5am-5pm
weekends 5am-3pm

Established in Oxley 2013 black milk coffee cafe offers casual dining with a solid vibe. Customers are able to eat in or take away a variety of sweet and savoury meals served by our enthusiastic and experienced staff. There is also a kids room and small library out the back for everyone to enjoy! 

the roastery
Monday-Thursday 6am-1pm
Friday 6am-11am
Saturday 7am-11am

This micro-roastery is the newest addition to the black milk coffee family. Roasting every Wednesday, there are a variety of blends and single origin beans waiting for you to taste as well as retail beans for you to take home and enjoy at any time! 



24A 500 seventeen mile rocks road

seventeen mile rocks QLD 4073

OPENING HOURS mon-thurs 6:30AM-12:00PM

fri: 6:30AM - 11AM

sat: 7AM-11AM

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