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there is a new black milk coffee cafe opening in west end!! 

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Different single origin coffee beans delivered to your door every month.

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Drink Coffee. Do Good. Repeat. 

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about the coffee: Cherry, red apple, strawberry and candy notes followed by a mid-body with hints of berry fruit compote. 

about the country: 

Have you seen our secret room? Go through the back bookshelf to access a whole new space. Available for dining on the weekends, or enquire to rent the space for your next work event or social party. We are fully licensed and have menu options to suit you!

our blends

Our house blend. A coffee created for all-day drinkability. Reminds you of a bright, crisp, refreshing day in early spring. Characteristics: sweet crema and bright, smooth body and mouthfeel. Rich finish lingering into a citrus fruit, clean aftertaste. City roasted. 

Created to transport your sense to sunrise at the beach overlooking a smooth sea with a light breeze on the water. Characteristics: light, bright toasted hazelnut, malt, cinnamon notes with a subtle spice finish and a clean, brief aftertaste. Perfect lazy day coffee. Medium roasted. 

Completely developed to excite the coffee connoisseur in each of us. 

Characteristics: voluptuous crema, bitter cocoa notes balanced by roasted nut, deep earth and juicy citrus notes. Velvety mouthfeel and bold finish evolving into a toasted nut/ bitter berry aftertaste.

Full-city roasted. 

Profiled to envelop your senses and transport your imagination to a sidewalk cafe in Paris. 

Characteristics: intense, fine crema driven by rich bitter cocoa notes, big earthy body and a strong aftertaste.  French roasted, this remains our darkest secret blend. 



24A 500 seventeen mile rocks road

seventeen mile rocks QLD 4073

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